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About US

      Our Company, (PT Warisan Abian Nusantara) prioritizing quality, accompanied by the best service and easily accessible. Currently, there is a lack of awareness of natural resource management as a result of a lack of governance which often results in over supply. This time we are trying to manage and utilize the crops in this country, so to achieve the maximum utilization of natural resources, and have an impact on increasing the source of income for farmers and contributing to improving the quality of natural resources produced. Indonesia is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world. our coffee are very famous and have a good taste and aroma, it's different with coffee bean from other country. We supply coffee bean under variant Arabica & Robusta for Export  across the world.

Our Farm

We belong to 81 "subak abian" groups. Each "subak Abian" group has an average of 80-100 coffee farmers. Kintamani Arabica coffee land area reaches 14,000 hectares with the number of farmers around 6,000 families.

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Why Kintamani Coffee ?

Kintamani Arabica coffee is the result of smallholder plantations in the Bali area which is at an altitude of 1200 - 1400 masl with the concept of the Subak Abian plantation which is based on TRI HITA KARANA so that it produces specialty Balinese coffee with a distinctive taste that does not exist in other coffees. 

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