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PT Warisan Abian Nusantara


About Us

Turning waste into something impactfull

We are supplier from Bali, Indonesia that supply various kinds of processed wood waste such as sawdust and also renewable energy such as Premium Quality Wood Pellets

About Us


safely deliver quality wood products, renewable energy, encourage of recycle waste material and create the greatest value to our stakeholders.


Our vision is to be one of leading suppliers of wood pellets  to the global renewable energy market.

Our Story

Climate change is the global challenge and fighting it requiring coordinated actions by all countries in the world. Bioenergy is a key strategy to reduce carbon emissions and limit dependence on fossil fuels.

Since Indonesia has the advantage in large sustainably planted forest area, it is a potential country to develop strong logging and bioenergy industry. There is a lot of sawdust waste in the Indonesian sawmill industry. and it is just thrown away, wood pellets are a solution to recycle the waste into something that can change the world's renewable energy. 

Our Product


Wood Pellet is an alternative fuel made from sawdust. Wood Pellet raw materials are in the form of sawmill waste, logging waste, and other wood industrial waste. This raw material has a high content of ligands as a natural adhesive.


Wood pellets can be used as fuel for boiler combustion, cooking and heating, as well as fuel for power plants. Currently, many countries have switched from coal to wood pellets due to many considerations, one of which is the consequences. Coal waste is certainly more difficult to handle than wood pellets, besides the data obtained the use of wood pellets can save more costs than other fuels.

"Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly, renewable fuel that is widely used globally, for heating and power supply purposes."

Abian's Wood Pellet
Abian's Wood Pellet Spesification

Wood Type       :   Meranti, Sengon, Bengkirai

Mix Wood          :   Mix (½ Softwood + ½ Hardwood)

Calorific Value  :   Up to 4800 Kcal/Kg

Ash content      :   0,7 %

Moisture            :   Max 7,4 %

Color                  :   Brown

Packaging         :   Shipping in bulk in container (750-1000 kg)

Production Capacity : 1.440 Tons/Year

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Jl. Lingkungan Dangin Yeh No 14, Abianbase, Mengwi 
Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80351

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+62  81 338 453 741

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