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Arabica Kintamani's Green Bean 

Kintamani Arabica coffee grown in the Kintamani highlands with an altitude above 1200-1400 m above sea level, on the slopes of the Batur volcano where the soil and climate are very supportive for coffee plants. Grade 1 Kintamani Bali coffee beans with a physical defect value of less than 5 per 30 gr according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and Coffee of America (SCAA) Standards - 12% maximum bean moisture content - Grayish green coffee beans - Size of coffee beans 16 mm diameter or larger 3.2

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Arabica Sipirok Green Bean 

Sipirok Arabica Coffee is located in North Sumatra Province, located in a highland area at an altitude of above 1000 - 1300 meters above sea level. in the production process only accept red cherry coffee that is picked directly by farmers. Sipirok Specialty Coffee have a maximum defect of <5%.

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Arabica Gayo Green Bean

Gayo Arabica coffee grown in the Gayo highlands with an altitude of 1.000 - 1.700 m above sea level, Gayo coffee is quite famous in the world because it has a distinctive aroma and enjoyment and if cupped or tested for taste and aroma in the gayo area, it almost has the taste of coffee that exists throughout the world, this is due to the altitude factor and several other aspects that make gayo coffee This is evidenced by several times Gayo coffee won the award as the world's best coffee. The aroma is very strong with accents of nutty and spices.

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